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Verma Tour & Travel, India Travel Agent or India Travel Agency, was launched in 2002. We are always try to provide you the cheap & best services at your door step and due to which we are the well known taxi service provider in Ludhiana. Being one of the major travel agencies in the India and we enjoy a high laurels for providing all round service to our guests. Our success is built on a commitment to providing you the best in taxi services. We specialize in taking you where you want to go at the lowest possible price. Our emphasis is on safety, and service. Due to our pure hard work we boast a strong professional relationship with our clients.

Ludhiana to Amritsar Golden Temple & Airport
Tempo Traveller:5000
Tempo Traveller:4000 (without AC)

Ludhiana to Delhi Airport
Tempo Traveller:9000
Tempo Traveller:8000 (Without A.C)

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Ludhiana to Shri Hazur Sahib
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